Lame Away

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Here's the manufacturer's description:

Lame Away the full spectrum CBD and essential oils wash, spray and poultice is also now available for dogs and humans. Lame Away will not test when used correctly and is safe to use under wraps, blankets, and magnets.
Not only do our all our products contain full spectrum CBD but here is a list of the essential oils that compliment them;
Tumeric- Cleanse wounds, reduce inflammation and promote healing.
Celery Seed- Reduces muscle spasms and cramps, anti-inflammatory agent.
Willow Bark- May be the oldest herb known to treat pain and inflammation.
Black Pepper- Warm and sooth the body. It can also offer a way to support cartilage and joint function.
Ginger Root- Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Birch- When applied to wounds, allowing for greater production of inflammatory substance that fight harmful bacteria and remove dead tissue.
Frankincense- Contain the anti-inflammatory boswellian acid, and are astringent and anti-inflammatory.
Garlic- Treatment of bacterial and fungal infections.
Eucalyptus Oil- Has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.