Easyboot Clouds



A full line of hoof boots and hoof care products that protect the hoof and allow horses to cover rough terrain, act as a spare tire in case of a lost shoe, and aid in the treatment of laminitis and other hoof problems.


Easyboots offers 10 different boots to choose from as well as Comfort Pads and Easy Shoes.  We have not added everything to our website yet, but give us a call or email and see if we can't get what you need to you the quickest and for less $.


Compare Easyboots to those "other" boots out there - Easyboots are less expensive, fit better, and will last longer.  If your fit is right, you won't get those sores on the cornet band. 

We've used both and we far prefer Easyboots.  That's why we've added them to our product line.


Fit is extremely important.  We would be more than happy to help you decide on the correct size for your horse.  Give us a call at 541-706-1894 and let us help.