We use a Website powered by a Company call Shopify.  They process your credit card payments, and your payments and information is as secure as it can be in this day and age. If you ever have a problem with how your credit card transaction was processed, let us know immediately.


You probably know to avoid web sites that might be scams, they aren't that difficult to spot.  You aren't going to buy a 2016 Dodge dually for $3,500, no matter what the web site promises you.

Here's a link to a good Consumer Reports article


But there are some serious problems with websites and Apps that we use every day.  

Take Amazon.  Amazon charges their merchants 15% to sell their products.  And they insist the merchant ship within 48 hours.  To do that, the Merchant often has to raise their price.  You'll often find the same product on the Merchant's own web page for less than it's selling for on Amazon.  

The other pitfall with Amazon, there are very likely sizes, styles, etc. that you aren't seeing on Amazon.  For example, we aren't allowed to sell medium Back on Track Back Braces, because they are health products and we aren't medical professionals.  We could sell Small and Large Back Braces, just not those dangerous Mediums.


The other web site/ App we strongly urge you to avoid is Paypal.  For all their assurances about protecting you, they're sticking it to you every chance they get.  Ever make a mistake and need to get a refund?  It's not the Merchant causing the week or two week delay getting the refund, it's Paypal sitting on your money.  

Ever make a purchase on Paypal and use their "Echeck"?  The Merchant doesn't get paid until that check clears, usually a week.  If the Merchant ships before the week is up, they are very foolish, because the scam artists are fully aware of this rule.  So if you order something and want to pay for it using Paypal, make sure when it will ship.

Our bigger problem with PayPal is their political manipulation.  According to mainstream news reports PayPal has aligned itself with liberal causes and has closed accounts belonging to more conservative groups.  We don't care about your politics.  We don't believe a company as big as PayPal should be manipulating the political discourse in this country.

Paypal is a very dangerous platform for Merchants to use, and their ethics are questionable, so we strongly urge the use of credit cards instead.