Poultices, Liniments Etc.

We carry poultices and liniments that we have used and know they are effective.  Sore No More, Runners Relief, and Lame Away are each designed for a specific purpose.  


Sore No-More® has been a trusted brand for over 25+ years. Made with clean, all natural ingredients, and guaranteed to never burn or blister, it's become a staple in tack trunks across the country. The Performance lines are FEI compliant—every ingredient meets the zero-tolerance competition guidelines.  

It's the only liniment on the market with clinically backed data. A recent study was published in the Journal of Animal Science showing a 90% reduction in back soreness over a 7-10 day period using the Performance Ultra (clinical strength) version. Can't beat those results!  

Runners Relief - a natural botanical formulation derived from organic herbal extracts.


  • Elevation of cellular fluid
  • Acceleration of collateral blood circulation
  • Reduction of pain
  • Relaxation of the skeletal musculature
  • Enhanced range of motion, stretching capacity of collagen structures


Accelerated healing time, within 35-90 days.  Vast vasodilation in all vessels and arteries. The fibers align straight, giving sufficient flexibility and range of motion that have not been achieved with any other method.


Lame Away is a blend of CBD and essential oils that is specially formulated to be a powerful penetrating anti-inflammatory and pain reducer.