We receive a ton of requests to sponsor individuals and events, and most are very worthy.  We wish we could afford to sponsor all of them.  But we can't - we're still a small family owned company with limited resources for sponsorships.  

For individuals, our sponsorships are available to those people who have been customers and who we believe will represent our company the way we'd like to be represented.  Integrity matters, ability matters, work ethic matters.  But also, consideration matters.  If you look at the Facebook postings of the barrel racers that qualified for the NFR in any given year, you'll see very few spend much time promoting or even thanking their sponsors.

For events, we've made a change in our policy effective in 2019.  We will continue to honor sponsorship agreements with a small number of races we've sponsored in past years and, of course, we're the name sponsor of the Spring Challenge in Central Oregon each May.  We won't be sponsoring any other events this year or in the near future.  It's not because we don't want to,  Over the years, and its owners have contributed to or sponsored hundreds of events.  The reason for the change is we contributed a substantial sum to sponsor the barrel racing year end saddle for a WPRA Circuit in 2018 and after the initial announcement, the Circuit never mentioned us once.  The winner of the year end saddle never mentioned us once.  It's not the first time we've had this happen, but it's the last.

So we wish you good luck in obtaining some good sponsors.  And please, appreciate them.