Desert Wildflower Designs - Hand made Mohair Cinches

3 in stock - Nice brown Roper, Fancy 19 strand Turquoise with Vacquero buckles and a great gray and purple 17 strand.  Click on the White Box to see price and details of each.  Messages for information about custom order.

Click Here for Desert Wildflower Designs Breast Collars

Like the Breast Collars these cinches are masterpieces but hang them from your saddle, don't use them as wall art in your living room.


Besides Cinches and Breast Collars Desert Wildflower Designs can make you a custom Dog Collar, Purse Strap, Headstall, Halter or even reins.  Message us at or on Facebook.


100% mohair and all stainless steel hardware, these cinches are made to last as well as look great.

Don't let the Karens fool you, mohair is the perfect cinch material.  Problems with mohair cinches are because manufacturers use a blend of mohair and nylon.  Because that's how they do it in China we guess.  Mohair is easy to clean, won't gall your horse and will last for years.