For Dogs


After much success treating arthritis issues in horses many of our customers and veterinarian users started using the horse version on their dogs. Users saw the same great results in their dogs as they did with their horses. We decided that we needed to make a Dog version that was simple to dose. We used the same ingredients as the Tight Joints Plus for horses, the only difference is the dosage.  Many veterinarians are now using it as a common therapy for their canine patients with both mild and severe arthritis.

Guaranteed Analysis

Glucosamine (HCI & Sulfate)       500 mg

MSM                                            250 mg

Ascorbic Acid                               400 mg

Shark Cartiladge                            50 mg

Boswellin                                       50 mg

Yucca                                            50 mg

Devils Claw                                   25 mg

Copper                                          10 mg

Hyaluronic Acid                            7.5 mg

Manganese                                  7.5 mg

Vitamin E                                        .5 mg


Analysis is based on 1 scoop per 20 lbs. Give 1 scoop for each 20lbs of weight. The Tight Joints Plus for dogs contains 250 scoops.

Case Study

TJP did a controlled case study on a 6 year old male dachshund suffering from severe back and hip pain. The pain had advanced to the point the dog could not handle being touched and had a hard time walking. This pain and suffering had been going on for 6 months. After many trips to the vet, crate rest, and pharmaceutical pain relievers and anti-inflammatory the dachshund was not getting better. The vet recommended sending the dog to WSU for an MRI and surgery. With nothing to lose except thousands of dollars in vet bills they tried Tight Joints Plus on him as the last resort before surgery. All medications were stopped and Tight Joints Plus was started. Within 1 week the dachshund was showing significant signs of improvement. Within 14 days he was running again, he could be touched without being in pain , and he was becoming a healthy dog again. After a month of Tight Joints Plus the Dachshund was back to full activity and no longer had any signs of pain.  The dog has now been pain free for  months thanks to Tight Joints Plus.