Tight Joints Plus

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 Guaranteed Analysis 

(per one ounce)

Glucosamine (HCI and Sulfate) 10,000 mg

MSM                                               5,000 mg

Ascorbic Acid                                8,000 mg

Shark Cartilage                             1,000 mg

Boswellin                                        1,000 mg

Yucca                                              1,000 mg

Devil's Claw                                      500 mg

Copper                                              200 mg

Hyaluronic Acid                             150 mg

Manganese                                       150 mg

Vitamin E                                             10 mg


How does it work?

     Tight Joint Plus works in 3 main ways reduce inflammation, lubricate, and repair.

The equine nutritionist that formulates Tight Joints Plus has studied for many years that in order for joint supplements to work the first step is to reduce the inflammation. When the inflammation is gone the joint repairing agents can begin to do their job. The lubricating ingredients of Tight Joints Plus help the joint with just that, lubrication to prevent inflammation and cartilage damage.

  • Glucosamine - The basic building block of connective tissues and fluids. Works in treating osteoarthritis and rebuilding damaged cartilage.
  • MSM- Natural anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis pain, increased circulation, and also benefits soft tissue.
  • Ascorbic Acid- Powerful antioxidant, reduces the level of uric acid in the body which can lead to arthritis and joint pain caused by inflamed joints.
  • Shark Cartilage- Reduces inflammation, regenerates worn cartilage, reduces pain, & stiffness.
  • Boswellin- Natural pain reliever.
  • Devils Claw- Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Yucca- Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Copper - Anti-oxidant, required for the development, repair, and maintenance of joints, soft tissue, and other connective tissue.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- Enhances healing, anti-inflammatory, repairs cartilage damage, and improves joint function.
  • Manganese- Necessary for cartilage formation.
  • Vitamin E- Natural anti-oxidant
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