SSR Stomach for Success

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Slippery Elm, coats and soothes the digestive tract quickly, calms sensitive stomachs, soothes gastric ulcers allowing them to heal

Marshmallow root, contains high levels of mucilage coat and soothes gastric tissue, has a prebiotic fiber to encourange healthy gut biome and hindgut health and has the added benefit that it's good for respiratory health.

Chamomile is a calming and soothing relaxant, anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic

Licorice, lowers acidic secretions by soothing the nervous system and digestive tract, especially the hindgut.  Discourages ulcer causing bacteria and as a bonus it supports adrenal glands and respiratory health.

Meadowsweet, balances gut PH, reduces gastric mucosa inflammation and provides natural pain relief

Stevia is added because it's a safe way to improve palatability

Cinnamon also improves palatability and is a digestive aid.