SSR Daily Success Blend

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Daily Success Blend benefits your horse with these ingredients:


Natural easily metabolized minerals

Prebiotics to support gut biome and hindgut health and stimulate prostaglandin which helps the body respond to injury and illness

Bee Pollen, a great source of nutrition, helps stimulate appetite, improves endurance and shortens recovery time from exercise.

Spirulina, improves coat and hoof condition, acts as a blood detoxifier, supports respiratory and metabolic health

Chlorella, improves digestion, also detoxifies blood, specifically helping with the effects of pesticides and herbicides, supports organ health and helps soft tissue healing

Eleuthero, increases vitality and endurance, improves recovery and reduces stress responses, calms the central nervous system supporting both physical and mental performance

Ashwaganda, an anti inflammatory which studies have show reduces cortisol levels, increases serotonin and reduces blood markers of inflammation

Paprika, a potent anti oxidant, improves skin and coat condition