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Runner's Relief is the only treatment scientifically formulated to aid in the healing of bowed tendons, suspensory ligaments & soft tissue injuries, within 90 days. The submersion bath is a hot medicinal therapeutic soak. The new poultice is an easier version that provides the same benefits. Both are natural botanical formulations derived from organic herbal extracts, which give vasodilation in all vessels and arteries, promoting accelerated healing with no side effects.


Runner's ReliefTM not only restores bowed tendons, suspensories, and hairline fractures but also is used as a maintenance treatment after exercise, racing or performing, resulting in a more healthy productive athletic condition.


Runner's Relief accelerates in the healing of:

 Bowed tendons, both new and old

  • Suspensories and check ligaments
  • Hairline fractures
  • Sore feet
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Abcesses

 Runner's Relief also improves:

  • Hoof growth
  • Post surgical healing
  • Soft tissue injuries


1.75 lb tub, 3.5 lb tub, or a new  handy 8 oz tub, ideal for the horse trailer.


  1. How and why it works

Runner's Relief creates a vast amount of circulation to the area that is applied. In order for any kind of injury to heal quickly we need circulation. Runner's Relief is a powerful healing treatment for many different injuries due the amount of circulation that creates. That is why we own a 100% money back guaranteed seal, which, to own this seal the product, "must work with no doubt". It is natural, safe, inexpensive and used for animals and people. It is highly recommended to use for maintenance before and after every workout or performance.

Observations while using Runner's Relief

  1. Accelerated healing time, within 35-90 days 
  2. Accelerates collateral blood circulation with vast vasodilation in all vessels and arteries 
  3. The fibers align straight, giving sufficient flexibility and range of motion
  4. Reduces inflammation and swelling quickly within 3-7 days
  5. Safe. No side effect. Used for people and for maintenance