Price - $175 plus shipping.  Because the shipping is expensive, you have to contact us to purchase a Paddie.  We'll determine the shipping based on your location and quote you a price.  Call us at 541-706-1894, email us at or message us on Facebook.



Paddie® is the newest concept in horse protection during transport and stabling. This innovative product is designed to suspend from horse trailer stall dividers using heavy nylon straps and quick release snaps. Installing Paddie® on the lower dividers prevents horses from coming into contact with each other, thus reducing the risk of injury.


Designed by horsemen, Paddie® is not only effective in preventing injuries but it also reduces the need for shipping boots or protective wraps for extended travel, saving both time and money.


Paddie®  is constructed of 2” high density impact resistant foam and covered with #600 Denier Canvas that is moisture and rot resistant. Free moving attachments allow it to float freely over bedding, eliminating hang ups. Paddie® ships with mounting hardware and can be installed in less that 15 minutes in most cases.


Paddie® is specifically designed to work great on trailer divider walls, stable walls, in roping boxes, on fences and gates or in any other location where an extra measure of padding and protection may be needed for your horses.

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