Equerry's Glucosamine

Glucosamine Formula

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Nutrition supplement designed to help the horse suffering from osteoarthritis(arthritis).

5 Species of Encapsulated Microbes Microbes -  stimulate steady appetites for more energy and stamina. Encapsulation protects microbes by creating a physical barrier until the microbes reach the gut.

5 Digestive Enzymes - Helps Digest feed rapidly and allows maximum absorption of nutrients.

Quickly digest feed and allow maximum absorption of nutrients.

With 128,000 MG's of Glucosamine per pound, it is an effective, low cost formula to give strength and rigidity to cartilage. When sore joints and injured tissue occur, large amounts of anti-oxidants are needed to refortify and clean up impacted sites. Equerry's Glucosamine formula contains 32,000 MG's per pound of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and 2,400 I.U.'s of Vitamin E per pound.

When a horse’s arthritis creates pain or the horse is under stress quite often appetite and digestive disorders occur. Equerry's Glucosamine formula is fortified with a high impact microbial and enzyme blend to help maintain healthy appetites and proper digestion through stressful periods. Equerry's Glucosamine Formula helps create a strong immune system, decrease susceptibility to disease and infection. It also shortens the recovery period from strenuous exercise and helps neutralize free radicals that cause cell oxidation. It may be fed in conjunction with Equerry's MSM as an additional aid.