Tight Joints Plus Show Formula

Eligible for the Brn4d discount for our Oregon and Washington customers.  Sorry, the manufacturer raised the price, so we had to raise ours too.


If you live in the Northwest - Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Northern California, we'll give you a special price on the 2 lb TJP.  Enter the Promo Code "brn4d" during checkout and we'll knock off an extra $4.  That puts the price, with shipping, at $72.  Compare that to the price at your feed store.

Sorry, we can't offer that price along with free shipping if you order 2 or more, it only applies to purchases of a single 2 lb tub.  However, since our website isn't very sophisticated, feel free to call or email and see if we can get you a better shipping price on 2 - 2lb tubs. 

We want to be able to help horses in every discipline and level of competition. We realize with certain types of shows and competitions comes restrictions to what you can give your horse to alleviate them from pain and arthritis. With this in mind we designed the the show formula to meet the USEF guidelines. We removed the Devils Claw and increased the amount of MSM. Ultimately we replaced one anti-inflammatory with another. Whether you want to feed the show formula year around or feed the regular Tight Joints Plus the majority of the time and switch to the show formula a period of time before the show, we have made it possible to keep your horse feeling its best while abiding by the USEF rules.

Also a good solution for owners who a concerned that Devil's Claw might cause stomach problems in their horse.

Guranteed Analysis

(per one ounce)

Glucosamine (HCI & Sulfate)    10,000 mg

MSM                                           5,500 mg

Ascorbic Acid                              8,000 mg

Shark Cartiladge                        1,000 mg

Boswellin                                     1,000 mg

Yucca                                          1,000 mg

Copper                                           200 mg

Hyaluronic Acid                              150 mg

Manganese                                    150 mg

Vitamin E                                          10 mg