RES Boots


 Bell Boots, Protective Leg Boots and more.


RES is revolutionizing the use of equine protective equipment. RES evolved out of many years of dealing with premature failure of Velcro type hook and loop closures on bell boots used for Rodeo, Barrel Racing and Team Roping. Brett Mills saw the advantage of the replaceable Velcro concept and filed for a patent in 2009. Since that time public awareness has grown extensively through partnerships with Road To The Horse, Extreme Mustang Makeover, RFD -TV Equestrian Nation and The Schiller Ranch.

RES is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and values customers' feedback and input on current product and other ideas our closure system could be used on. 


And, RES is a huge supporter of Rodeo, Barrel Racing and Team Roping. is proud to be a part of Team RES.

RES is an innovative company that is continually introducing new products - we'll be at the front lines bringing you new and exciting products.