LKS\T.H.E. - Total Health Enhancement is pleased to be able to partner with LKS Equine and bring you a complete line of custom LKS/T.H.E. supplements.   The LKS/THE products are specifically custom blends designed for your performance horse.

T.H.E. Equine Edge provides a cutting edge line of nutritional formulas for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for your athletic equine.  All of T.H.E.'s products contain natural ingredients of the highest quality to help insure success. With the use of Nitric Oxide Pathway technology, T.H.E.'s proprietary blends focus on protein, vitamins, amino acids, herbs and mineral supplements. 

T.H.E. Equine Edge uses natural and organic vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and minerals.  No fillers, preservatives or added sugars. This means the formulas are safe for (IR) Insulin Resistant horses or any horses that can't have sugar.

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