Iconoclast Saddle Pad

Sold out.

The Iconoclast® Saddle Pad is constructed of 100% all natural materials, wool and cow hide. The outer layer is a one-piece wool felt pad with an attached wool fleece liner.

Several things are important for a quality saddle pad.

#1 -Does it do its job and keep the horse safe and comfortable while being used?

#2 - Does it perform for the rider by staying in proper position during use and does it feel “right” under your saddle, not stiff or in need of a “break-in” period?

#3 - Can it last for a time acceptable to the client or customer? Is it affordable or priced so that our client doesn’t feel uncomfortable when purchasing?

#4 - Is it pleasing to the eye and does the workmanship meet the expectations of a discerning buyer?

#5 - Our saddle pads measure 31 X 31 inches. Since most saddle skirts measure 26-28 inches we find no need for excessive material beyond the limits of protection beyond the saddle skirts. If you need more than 31 inches your pad is likely moving too much under your saddle.