No Hit Bit

2 piece twisted and browband headstall on sale, bit reduced to $90 and headstall reduced to $25.  What a Deal!!


* 9" shank (inside rings)
* Helps with shoulder and overall body control, collection, lift, bend and flex
* Offers a smooth pull for the horse which will keep their head level instead of elevated to get away from a harsh jerk or hit in their mouth
* No curb pressure
* Stainless steel

* Headstall for Original No Hit Bit sold separately (regular headstall will not fit).  Please provide a contact phone number in case we have questions about your order.  Thanks.
     3 piece smooth
     3 piece twisted
     3 piece twisted with copper inlay
     2 piece twisted
     3 piece twisted with copper roller
     3 piece smooth with copper roller
     3 piece square with lifesaver
     Low round port