Equerry's Angel Maker

The calming effect of the Ground Organic Raspberry Leaves in combination with the Microencapsulated Probiotics will lead to a more pleasant experience for your horse and trainer, transforming your stressed steed into an Angel.

4 Species of Microencapsulated Probiotics - Our probiotics stimulate a steady appetite, promoting energy and stamina. Encapsulation protects the beneficial probiotics by creating a physical barrier which dissolves at its target point, the gut. Our probiotics are proven to survive the acid in the stomach and flourish in the hind gut. This creation of a positively flourishing gut will suppress multiple harmful pathogens (E. Coli, Salmonella).

5 Digestive Enzymes - Our custom blend of enzymes assist in breaking down fats, proteins, etc. so that they are easier for the body to utilize. This allows for your horse to better utilize his current diet.

Through the creation of a healthy gut environment your horse will benefit from an improved absorption of essential nutrients, a boost in their digestive activity and gain a refined sense of wellness which leads to an improved level of performance and activity.

Active Live Yeast – This will aid in the balance of pH and keep appetites strong. Yeast provides digestive stability to assist your horse in the absorption of nutrients in their diet efficiently.

Organic Red Raspberry Leaves –The key organic ingredient provides a naturally calming effect. Being finely ground increases the effectiveness of the alkaloids that also gives tone to the pelvis muscles of mares and to the uterus.