Back on Track Therapeutic Gloves

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Gloves Use the Body to Create Gentle Warmth Therapy

If you suffer from arthritis pain in your hands or poor circulation in your fingers, you’ll want to try these Gloves. Designed to work with your natural body warmth and provide a gentle heat therapy, our gloves accomplish this with the state-of-the art, ceramic-infused Welltex fabric that contains ceramic powder melted into the fabric’s thread. The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used for improving blood flow and relieving pain. For arthritis pain, wear the gloves as is. For circulatory problems or “cold hands” syndrome, pre-warm your hands first prior to wearing the gloves. You may also wear another pair of gloves over our gloves. We also recommend wearing another pair of gloves over our gloves if you plan to wear them outside.